Hands on Guitar Amp Reviews:

By Rob Erwin

Fender Blues Junior Combo Amp

The Fender Blues Junior Combo Amp delivers 15 watts of all-tube power through a single 12" speaker, with spring reverb in a semi-open back combo cabinet. It has a Fat switch, and footswitch jack for Fat on/off.

OK, here is my take on this nice guitar amp.
First, the amp is plenty loud enough for jamming at home with friends or studio recording, or even full band gigs when you mic it. It just can't quite cut through the mix with drums unless you mic it to a PA system, but it sounds great that way!

The tone is best for blues and rock, I think, but can reproduce a wide variety of modern and classic tones with one or two of your favorite pedals. With the Volume knob on about 3 and the Master knob on 11, you can control the loudness with your guitar volume knob to get a nice clean sound. With the Volume on 12 and the Master on 4 or above, you get a grinding tube growl that is just fantastic with the guitar alone.

I use this amp almost exclusively over my other amps, because of its overall sound and the compact size. I use it for practice, playing parties with a band, and recording. I love this amp. After lugging twin combos
and half stacks around for years this amp is a welcome relief. Weight is only 31 lbs.
The Blues Junior is a great practice or studio amp, no daught about it.

Fender introduced the Blues Junior in 1995, and has revised and updated it periodically since then. Blues Junior history can be divided into two categories: the early amps with green circuit boards and the later amps with cream-colored circuit boards. The cream-colored circuit boards have improvements over the green board. The major change is the reworked reverb circuit. The older Blues Juniors sound darker, while the new ones are brighter, with more emphasis on treble tones.

One is not better than the other, necessarily; the dark tones are nice for blues, while the new amps have a brighter all around tone. A nice price too, for such a sweet sounding tube amp, although the price has been going up, still, a great value.

My favorite Fender Blues Junior Combo Amp Features are:

15W All tube power,
12" speaker,
Fat tone at moderate volumes,
Spring reverb,
Only 31 lbs.,
Size: 18"W x 16"H x 9-1/4"D,
Chicken head knobs,
Fat switch with footswitch jack.

I would like to see the Blues Junior with a Standby switch, and Leanback legs (like the Fender Twins have).
See my Tips page for modifications available for the Fender Blues Jr amp.

Blues Jr Amp Summary: If you want the best all tube guitar tone for your money, this amp is the way to go. It is the smaller version of the popular Fender Hotrod Deville; it has a simular tone and punch in a smaller, lighter cabinet.

More amp reviews coming soon...