Hands On Guitar Effects Pedal Reviews:

By Rob Erwin

Electro-Harmonix Little Big Muff Pi

I got my hands on the Little Big Muff Pi at the Arlington Guitar Show 2006. It sounds very similar to the original units with the big sheet metal cases. The new one is smaller and more rugged. I like it better. The sound is classic fuzzy overdrive, very smooth and creamy.

The sustain is impressive, hold a note as long as you want to, every bit of what it is supposed to do. I did notice a little bit of noise when not playing the guitar and the Little Big Muff Pi is still on, but not loud enough to be annoying. All the knobs and switches are top quality. I highly recommend the new Little Big Muff Pi to any heavy/classic rock guitar player, and any one else that likes the creamy smooth sustain it can provide your guitar for a reasonable price. It also can be used with a standard 9v AC adapter for use without a battery, which is not the case for some Electro-Harmonix effects.

I am rating this Electro-Harmonix stomp box as an 8 out of 10 for over all sound, quality, and use.


Boss DS-1 Distortion

This is a great, inexpensive guitar pedal I have owned and used for years. I can count on it to have the tone and distortion levels I want when playing Blues, Rock and Experimental guitar. The DS-1 is compact and rugged for taking it on the road with no worries. For distortion, you can not go wrong with the Boss DS-1, good sound, great value, and reliable.

When playing heavier styles of guitar, you can take a "not so good" sounding guitar, plug it into the DS-1 pedal and the guitar sounds better! My main observations of the DS-1 are: 1. Ruggedly built metal box. 2. Easy to use knobs for Tone, Level, and Distortion. 3. Good distortion range from mild to grinding crunch. 4. No noticeable change to the tone of my guitar. 5. Easy change battery, just one thumbscrew to loosen, (no need to take it all the way out) and no loose pieces to lose. 6. Accepts standard 9v AC adapter for use without a battery.

I am rating this Boss stomp box as a 7 out of 10 for over all sound, quality, and use.